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This post contains Every Single Step for you to Start a Mom Blog today. 

How Start a Mom Blog and Make Money?


I know. After the kids were born we said goodbye to our dreams and passions, mostly because having children demands lots of work and time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to have a little person running around the house, making noises while eating and playing, but between husband, laundry and meals we see our time flying away and our dreams with it.

I know that while scrolling down on Facebook or Pinterest we often see other moms starting to have their “own thing” and making money on the internet and for a moment you wonder: Could I do the same?

Usually the answer is “Of course not! I don’t have the time.” But think again. Could you do the same?

YES, the answer is a big YES.

I have the firm belief that everyone has a talent, skills, passions. EVERYONE. That is why I decide to create a blog specially for moms, to show them that WE CAN. We tend to forget how amazing, beautiful and smart we were before having our children and guess what? having kids don’t take that away.

To start, you only need a computer and internet. Have that? Great!

You can make money from affiliates, ads, sponsored posts or you can even create your own info products. This last takes time but the payoff is huge! But we’ll doing baby steps.

So, let’s begin.

Why Start a Mom Blog?


You can be working between breakfast, dishes and naps. If the kiddos catch the flu, a stomach bug or something you could be there. Festival at school? Count me in! Hiring a babysitter? Maybe, just for a date night with my hubby.


Blogging allows you to interact with new people. You will meet amazing moms with different knowledge that you can learn from and they can learn from you. You can make new friends that speak your same language (blogging!) and the support is endless.


Yes, you can make money while staying at home raising your children, taking care of your house and you husband and even, with your full time job. There are many moms that blog for a living, making $2K – 53K a month, like Suzi from Start a Mom Blog, Lena from What Mommy Does and Twins Mommy.


Someone said that if you want to change the world you must start by yourself. Well, this is your time. Show the world how you cab help them improve their lives. Use your experience, your degree, your background. I promise you that the reward won’t be only money!

Step 1: Find Your Goal

What are your dreams, and how could you make them real?

Find your niche umbrella

What’s your dream and how will you make it happen?

Is your brain frequently coming up with new ideas and potential projects that make you all excited about, just to realize that they are still in your dreams?

Focus. Breathe and start writing those ideas down, the more specific, the better. Have that awkward conversation with yourself, what do I want? Don’t get distracted. Follow that little voice that will take you to your first GOAL.

For example, my first goal was: “Work from home on my own schedule.” I came up with that goal thanks to the following exercise:



  1. Take a piece of paper, a napkin -if you’re at Starbucks-, open a google doc, word, Canva, something to start mapping. This map will guide you.
  2. Write your first goal in the center.
  3. Write at least 3 skills, talents and passions that you have, around that goal. Call them categories. Now, draw little arrows from the goal to each category. 
  4. On each one of those categories, make a list of the experience you have. You won’t believe how many people can benefit from your expertise! Start with one category at a time.
  5. Now, add a number to each category. Number 1 has to be the niche you know better, it makes you feel comfortable to talk and you think that could be your business about and so on.
  6. Choose ONE, just one category. This is the one that will help you to reach your goal!
  7. Don’t get overwhelmed, you already have two or three (even four) more categories. Choose one and remain FOCUS.

How to start a mom blog - Find your perfect niche

You’ve chosen ONE category. This category has sub-categories full with your expertise, skills and talents.

Thanks to this exercise, you’ll identify exactly what kind of post and products you can create, write and offer about! YAY!!!

I know you are already so excited! Me too!

Once you have chosen something that you Like-Love, a topic that incorporates well into your life and can spend lots of time talking about, you are ready to go.


Step 2: Choose Your Market

Who would be most likely to need your expertise?

Start a Mom blog-Choose your market

When thinking about to whom would I write, I had de wrongful idea of blogging for everybody about everything. If not, how would I succeed? Stop right there my friend. Nope, don’t do it.

Find and focus on one particular segment, your NICHE, the people who will identifies with you, your story. Thinking on that particular group is better than thinking of everybody. Now, identify their needs, their wants and look for the best way that you would satisfy them.

Research Your Market

Check on Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, forums, online studies. What they do in their free time, their income, where do they live, how old are they, their age, etc. The more you information you have, the better you can come with a solution.

Now, let’s put together your Niche and your Market. Have your map on hand to do the following with your own answers.

My first goal is –start working from home an my own schedule- my map points that Marketing is my first choice and the categories directed me that I could talk-write about –Social Media Strategist-, my Niche I choose: –stay at home moms that want monetize their passion-, I found out during my research that their age is around 25-45. This is a market that I know because of my age, I have total interest in and I feel comfortable with.


Step 3: Choose Your Domain Name

Where people will find you!

Choose your domain name woman thinking

In this part I had so much fun but also is the one that I got stuck for a long time. My name was already taken, there were too many extension (.org. com. uk. co.) … My recommendation is, don’t give up! Try a few names but NOT TOO MANY! and you’ll find the domain name for you very soon.

Here are some tips when choosing a domain name:

Tips to choose a domain name for my blog

    • Simple and short –
    • Memorable – – –
    • Unique – Don’t use trademarked slogans or any other company’s brand name for example: or
    • Avoid numbers and hyphens
    • You can go for your name –
    • Combo of categories – –
    • Make sure that it makes sense
    • Use keywords – – –
    • Easy to write and spell

    Don’t stay in this step too long. There’s no perfect domain name at the beginning. What will make it perfect is the content you create.

    You can check if the domain name you like is available here.  

    When I started, I found 3 domain names that I liked but I wanted to see which one I liked the most. What did I do in order to decide “The One”? I create a simple Pinterest image in Canva.

    I opened a new Pinterest desing, I took the first template I saw that had a website at the bottom and I added my “future domain name.”

    I have to say, this was a very excited moment. I was almost about to give up, was feeling overwhelmed BUT seeing my future domain name on the bottom of a Pinterest image was very inspiring, it filled me up with the motivation I lacked at this point. So don’t wait. Play with the names. You’ll get energized again!


How much will a domain name cost?

The prices are around $10 dlls and many hosting companies charge extra for other additional features.

The one I’m using since I started is SiteGround.  Below, I explain the step-by-step, why and how to sign up.

I know what you are thinking. Domain name? Hosting? What the frak is she talking about??

To understand the basics of blogging, it took me awhile. I already had a site (free one) but also there’s something called Hosting and other blogging platforms like WordPress that I didn’t know!

Today, thanks to Suzi and her amazing course Blog By Number. I did not only started my mom blog I also understood the “basic blogging lingo”. She explains this so well during the course that it is so clear for me now.

Let me show you with her example.

What is domain name, hosting and wordpress?

Step 4: Choose Your Plataform

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Squarespace?


I recommend you WordPress because is the one I know best and it’s more easy to use but there’s a thing, there is and Before, I couldn’t tell what was the difference between the two of them, and just in case you don’t know yet, I created this infographic for you.

Differences between WordPress .com and .org

There are other blogging platforms, like Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, The Ghost, Squarespace, Wix and more. However, the hosting service I have goes pretty well with WordPress.

Step 5: Choose Your Hosting


Web Hosting

OK, this is it. The big moment is here! Click over the image above and follow this tutorial with me! Plus, when you go through my link to start your mom blog you get 60% off!

Have your Mom Blog in the next minutes! 

As I mentioned before, when I started with the idea of blogging, I was surprised and overwhelmed for all the concepts and tools that I’ll need to start my mom blog. But the most I learn, the most I wanted to do it. You can see here Why I use and Love SiteGround Here’s how you do it.

I did my research and comparisons between Bluehost and SiteGround. That was my first option but made me wonder why other moms bloggers and people I read on the web, signed up with Bluehost first but then later switched for SiteGround.

Later I found out that both are great but for a new blogger Bulehost seems like a good idea. Once you´ve grown your blog you can make the switch if you wanted to. 

I went to their page and signed up. I had my hosting and domain name in minutes! 


Step 1: Choose Your Plan

BlueHost – For beginners 

BlueHost it’s perfect to start. More than 2 million websites are hosted there. 

If you feel like you aren’t good tech-savvy, don’t worry, the user area is easy to navigate

The installation process only takes a few clicks and you’ll have your site ready!

BlueHost – overview

  • Cost: $2.95 per month ($7.99 per month after the first year)


  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Free Backups.
  • Chat Support 24/7

Regístrate con BlueHost y aprovecha el descuento de 60% que tienen ahorita.

SiteGround – The best hosting for intermediate bloggers

SiteGround offers 3 plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

The most basic is the StartUp, but the plan I use and highly recommend is GrowBig. Why? Because it gives me super fast priority customer support and allows me to host multiple websites.

As a beginning blogger, you might find hard to decide on a niche. The GrowBig plan allows you to set up more than one website so you can try different niches.

SiteGround Hosting plans Great ideas mom

When you are on the SiteGround’s plan page, hover over the highlighted links to know exactly what the features are for each plan.

GrowBig is for you if:

  • You want the best performance for your WordPress site.
  • You think you are going to have more than one website. I know you will, once you have everything figured out and that happens really soon!
  • You want a Super Fast site, that means, you want the SuperCacher.
  • More space and resources.
  • Premium features like the SuperCacher. Say it, what’s about this girl and the SuperCacher? Haha I love FAST websites.

StartUp is for you if:

  • You are a new blogger and just want a blog up and running and nothing else.

GoGeek is for you if:

  • You already have a high-traffic site.
  • You are a developer and know all those advances features (and love them).
  • You have an eCommerce.

If you want to take advantage of the discounted price for longer than a year, choose 2 or 3 year term for a big savings up front. Also, forget about hosting bill for another 2 or 3 years!

Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name

Is time to go back to that list and your Pinterest images and pick the name you like the most.

You’ll be redirected to this page where you can register a new domain or add the one you have (in case you have one already).

Choose domain name-Great ideas mom

Check if it’s available. Pick your domain extension like .com, .org. net. I suggest you stick with .com. Is easier to remember and looks more profesional.

Step 3: Add Your Account Info

Fill out your account and client information.

Account and Client info box - Great Ideas Mom

Fill out your payment and purchase information. Make sure you pick the 12 month period or longer in order to receive the 60% discount for the whole year.

Choose your hosting-payment info- great ideas mom

At the end, are the Extra Services that you can choose to keep or not. Each one has a very good description-explanation so if you don’t need them, don’t select them.

Choose your hosting-extra services-great ideas mom

Then click in the box that you agree to the terms of service and click Pay Now.

Choose your Hosting-pay now box-great ideas mom


So far, you’ve Discovered Your Goal, Chosen your Market (niche), your Domain Name, your Platform and your Hosting! YASSS! HALF WAY POINT! 

Next step of this tutorial is Install WordPress.

Remember when I told you that the Tech Support team at SiteGround were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G? Well, I can prove it to you right now!

Choose your hosting-Live Chat- Great ideas mom

  1. Go to “live chat”
  2. Talk to a SiteGround representative
  3. Ask them if they can set up your WordPress site and email your login details.
  4. Take a break, after all that you have done today. Drink water, go to the bathroom, check on your kids…
  5. Come back in 15min because you’ll have access to your NEW MOM BLOG!!!

Otherwise, If you want to Install WordPress by yourself, you can do it too! It’s easy and will take only a few more minutes. Just follow the  instructions.

Why choose

SiteGround Logo

Here’s why:

They Have Amazing 24/7 Customer Support

Why Choose SiteGround-Support-GreatIdeasMom

Have you ever need a tech assistance from your cable or mobile provider and you ended more frustrated and angrier from the customer support than from the original problem? I feel ya! And I wish all the tech support that I had needed, where like the Tech Support of SiteGround.

On my second day after I signed up for my hosting, I messed things up. I deleted everything (oops!) I went straight to the Support Area and claim for HELP!

In no time, someone assisted me on the chat. They fix my problem and explained me what just happened, so I’ll know what to do the next time (yes, there was a next time!). The next time I needed help, they redirected webpages for me and gave me the right advice to my problem.

They are amazingly super quick in answering all your hosting questions and they also help with technical support too! Either by Chat, Phone or Email.

They Have Amazing Uptime

SiteGround uptime-greatideasmom

Can you imagine having your site down because your hosting service is not working? You could loose potential clients-suscribers-customers. Fortunately, this will not happen with SiteGround. Last year, they have 99.99% uptime, that means they’ve only been down for about 20 minutes in the whole year! How amazing is that!

SiteGround is Equipped with SuperCacher – The Best Thing for Bloggers

In order to have a successful blog, you need traffic. 2 people a day, 200 or 2,000 people a day, SiteGround’s SuperCacher can handle a viral pin, video or post in your traffic. According to SiteGround, your site will be able to handle up to 100 times more hits!

I know SuperCacher sounds all nerdy, but it means that your website will be FASTER and always IMPROVED so your site will be better equipped and better user experience.


Note: SuperCacher is only available on the GrowBig plan and higher.

Step 6: Set Up Your Theme

Let’s make your blog pretty!


You can choose from the free themes or take a look of the paid ones like Divi form Elegant Themes, where you can simply click into your page and start typing to add a new text content, Highlight text, adjust its font, color sizing, styling and more! Create & Save your own Divi Layouts or you can choose over the pre-made layouts right out of the box.

Here I’ll tell you how to set up a free theme.

  • Go to Appearances and click on Themes

Setup your theme-great ideas mom

  • Click in preview on the ones you like to see how it looks like.
  • If you have a theme, you can upload it by clicking Add new.
  • Once you find the one you like, click activate or install.

Customize Your Themes

-Click the Customize button on your active theme.

Setup your theme preview great ideas mom

The menu options in the left sidebar will vary, all depends on the theme you choose. The first thing to edit is Site Identity.

Setup your theme-Great ideas mom

Add the name of your blog and a tagline. Then click Save and Publish button.

Setup your theme-publish-great ideas mom

I recommend you to choose a nice and clean theme. Your readers will appreciate and enjoy more your site if you have open space for them to rest their eyes.


Step 7: Optimize Your Site For Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Optimization, also, your site’s best friend.


How to be found on the Internet-Great Ideas mom


Do you want to be found when people look for the kind of post you’ll write? Good, me too. That’s why SEO is too important.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website with keywords or phrases, so the search engines like Google can find it. Stop right there and don’t be scare. Knowing what you’ll learn next, is good, especially if you want to make money with your blog.

WordPress makes incredible easy to optimize the technical aspects of your blog.

You can get started by downloading your first plugin: Yoast SEO.

In the menu on the left sidebar of your backend, click in Plugins and Add New

How to install Yoast SEO - How to start a mom blog

Search for Yoast SEO in the search bar and it will be the first plugin to comes up. Click Install Now then Activate.

How to install Yoast SEO - How to start a mom blog

Your plugin’s settings are in the same left sidebar as a SEO menu or click in the icon at the top

How to install Yoast SEO - How to start a mom blog

Click there and then go to Your Info to add the foundations for your blog.

How to install Yoast SEO - How to start a mom blog

Check that the Website name and the tagline (alternate name) are correct.

Identify yourself as a Company or Person (in this case for a Mom Blog do it as a Person)


Go to the Webmaster Tools and click Google Search Console. This will allow you to submit your site to the Google search index and optimize visibility.

how to get the google console code - how to start a mom blog

When you click there, is going to ask you to log in your Google or Drive account.

how to get google console code - how to start a mom blog


Click Alternate methods and select HTML tag

how to get the google console code - how to start a mom blog

It will display a drop-down with your Search Console Meta code. Copy only the alphanumeric without the quotation marks

how to get the google console code - how to start a mom blog

Paste your Code into the Google Search Console box and click Save Changes.

how to add the google console code in WordPress - how to start a mom blog

Click Verify button

How to install Yoast SEO - How to start a mom blog

This will give you lots of data insight like keyword phrases you rank for, errors on your blog, etc.

Next, click on General tab and click Open the installation wizard

how to use wizard in WordPress - How to start a mom blog

Yoast will optimize your WordPress website in 10 quick steps.

The first one you can skip it, is a welcome one.

  1. Select the Production Environment, this means that your blog is real and you intend on driving traffic to.

How to Configure Yoast SEO - how to start a Mom Blog

  1. Website Type. Choose blog and then next.

  1. Set yourself as a Person, just like you did before.
  2. Add any Social Media profiles that are associated with your blog.
  3. Post type visibility. Set: Post and Pages visible and Media hidden.

7. Multiple authors. If you are a solo blogger set as No. You can always add another writer in the future if you need.

8. Click GET GOOGLE AUTHORIZATION CODE If you wish to have Yoast SEO plugin pull in data from Google’s Search Console.

9. A pop-up will appear where you can allow Yoast to acces your search console data. Click Allow.

10. Verify your website name and choose a title separator. The Title Separator is a symbol used to separate your blog post’s title from your website’s name in the meta title information. For example: if you found my post in Google, will look like this: How to Start a Mom Blog – Great Ideas Mom

Choose the one you like. Click Next and a congratulatory message will confirm that you have successfully optimized your SEO settings for your WordPress Mom Blog.

XML Sitemaps

This is the last Yoast SEO setting to configure. Is the file that list the URL’s for your website and it helps Google and other search Engines crawl your site for new posts and pages. Yoast SEO has a built-in feature that will automatically update your sitemap, so do it this once and forget it.

In the Features tab, set Advanced settings pages as Enabled. Save Changes.

A new group of menus will appear in the left sidebar under the SEO menu. Select XML Sitemaps

Select User sitemap settings to enable. Save Changes.

At this point you are all set up and are in the right track.

Set up Permalinks

This are statics hyperlinks that lead to a particular blog post or page. WordPress sets your permalinks as 

How to set up permalinks -How to start a mom blog

This looks totally awful. But you can make them look cute 🙂 Go to the left sidebar Settings and choose Permalinks.

You’ll see a few options to choose. I use Post name because I add keywords to my title to create my perfect permalink.

Save the settings.

That’s it! You are now ready to create your blog!

Step 8: Brainstorm Post

How to come up with new topics to blog about

The Tech part of your blog is all done. Now, it’s time to bring the results of the exercise that you made in Step 2 and start writing!

If you still looking for a topic to write about download my free ebook 250+ Blogging Topics for Moms right here! And don’t forget to come back to continue with Step 9 🙂

Don't know about what to blog?

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Step 9: Write Your Firts Post

Time to start typing all the awesome knowledge from your brain!

How to start a mom blog - Write your first post

Don’t let the backend of your WordPress site scares you. Search here and there and try every button, so you know what’s for what.

In this case, go to “post” then “add new”. An editor will open. You can start writing.

There are tools with more editing options to give a nice touch to your post.  Hover over them, each one of them will show their function.

As a beginner mom blogger, think about writing articles that solves a problem for your audience. Long in-depth, 900 to 2,000 words. Create in Canva o PickMonkey pretty images that goes with your post.

Before hitting the “Publish” button, make sure you have created the following setup.

  • Pillar Post
  • Blog Menú
  • Profile Photo
  • About me page
  • Disclosure Page (specially if you plan to use affiliate marketing)
  • Contact page
  • Social Media Info

Step 10: Create an Editorial Calendar

anyone can start a blog, but not everyone will be consistent


Will you be sending post every Monday? Once a month? Everyday?

You have to create a plan, write everything down, add it to a calendar. Be patience, be persistent but most of all, be consistent.

By doing this, your readers will know that you are taking this seriously.

You can use Google Calendar, Excel or Google Sheets, don’t need anything fancy. Create the habit to schedule everything that you’ll do for your blog. You’ll see what works and what don’t for you in blogging so you can edit and personalize it anytime.

When you create an Editorial Calendar, add the date, name of the post or idea, Keyword, links, category, anything you think will help you get organized with your blog.

Step 11: Get Traffic

Pin here and there

Start a Mom blog - Get Traffic

One of the most important. Why? Because No Traffic = No Money

The content that you create on your blog is nothing if no one sees it.

As you create more and more content on your blog, you also need to think how gain visitor. To start, create a Pinterest account and a Facebook Page. Don’t forget to use the same picture profile so people won’t get confused. But keep focus on your plan and schedule that you have. Don’t fall for any of the shiny objects, don’t waste time there.

Great Ideas Mom, is a blog that helps other moms to find a way to make money from home. I solve a problem that my audience has. So far so good! I use Pinterest, Facebook and my email list to get traffic.

Step 12: Monetize Your Blog

You started a blog just for fun. Next step:

Make Money baby!


start a mom blog - monetize your blog

Imagine this is you on the picture. So happy and excited!


Nope, she’s not shopping online. She’s just entered her bank account where she’ll get transfer the money she earns from, I don’t know…:

  • Affiliates
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Post
  • Products (maybe her own info-products!)
  • Services

From all of this you can make money. Find what works best for you and keep doing it!

It’s here when what my Mom said to me years ago just made sense:

Work in something that you love so you'll get paid from having fun. Click To Tweet

Start a Mom Blog Today and I promise you, if you do it right,  your life will change for good.


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with!