Best Skin Care Routine

Best Skin Care Routine

Best skincare routine

Oh, the struggle! What’s the best skincare routine for me? Should I do it in the morning or just at night?

What’s the skincare routine order? What are the best skincare products? Is there any personalized skincare quiz that tells me what to use for my skin type?


I mean, I did struggle when I started to take more serious my skin care routine. Even though I had “my perfect skincare routine” I really couldn’t find the products that would help me -CRISTINA- combat my concerns.

To be honest, when I hit my 30’s, I felt like my skin was losing hydration, and the first signs of aging started to show up, especially between my eyebrows and a little bit under my eyes. Then YOU·OLOGY came into my life and now I have a skin care routine that works wonders so I worry less about it! 

You’re using someone else’s skincare if you shop the products for your skincare routine at the drugstore. You deserve a tailor-made solution that addresses your specific skin care needs. Take control of your skin care regimine with YOU·OLOGY, the ultra-innovative, completely customizable skin care solution—designed by you.

(Keep reading, there’s a quiz on this post that will tell you the skincare routine that will work for YOU depending on what your concerns are).

What is YOU·OLOGY skincare?

A completely customizable skin care solution that you createWith up to 40,000 possible combinations, this is skin care for nobody else. 

Youology Best skincare routine

Do I need YOU·OLOGY or a skincare routine it in my life?

I would say YES. Why?

I bet you are concerned about one or more of the following:


Did you find your main concern? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Why does this skin care problems happen?

Well, according to the experts “aging is the irreversible process of the body’s deterioration spanning from birth to death and is expressed by the following characteristics in your skin: expression lines, wrinkles, sagging, opacity, pigmentation, and dehydration.” 

As we can see, we don’t have an option but WE DO have a solution.

Best Products to Overcome aging AT A YOUNG AGE through a personalized skin care routine


YOU·OLOGY Cleanser

For a face that’s fresh and clean

Imbued with the replenishing properties of aloe leaf and other nourishing ingredients, this customizable cleansing base is certain to refresh your face and prepare your skin for a new, personal skin care routine. Target your individual skin concerns by adding in three hand-selected boosters of your choice to this base, transforming it into the most personal and powerful cleanser that’s ever been on your skin.

Formulated with

  • Safflower oil
  • Coconut fatty acids
  • Aloe leaf juice

Boosters that you can choose (3)

  1. Exfoliating booster
    Reveal softer, brighter-looking skin with this exfoliating booster containing multiple exfoliating essentials, including lactic acid and salicylic acid.
  2. Pore diminishing booster
    Capable of doing wonders, this pore diminishing booster is specially formulated to help condition skin with enantia chlorantha bark extract and other select ingredients.
  3. Replenishment booster
    This replenishment booster is universally beneficial no matter your skin type and includes phospholipids, vitamins, and humectants for a refreshed face.
  4. Oil control booster
    Mattify your shine with this oil control booster that includes specially selected plant extracts and skin conditioning agents to help you take control of your complexion.
  5. Hydrating booster
    Leave your skin healthy-looking and refreshed with this booster that adds to the hydrating power of the cleansing base.


Your skin care powerhouse

Formulated to absorb quickly, this highly concentrated serum is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and olive oil to hydrate your skin. Customize your serum and target your individual skin concerns by adding in any three boosters, which blend seamlessly through MicroSperse® Technology, creating a personalized serum that’s certain to become one of your skincare essentials.

Formulated with

  • Niacinamide
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive oil

Boosters you can choose (3)

  1. Glow booster
    Using lactic acid to refine your skin and light-reflecting particles for an overall glowing appearance, this booster contains bearberry extract and vitamin C to create more radiant, luminous-looking skin.
  2. Firming booster
    Formulated with proteins and herbal extracts, including echinacea, this firming booster is designed to give the appearance of significantly firmer, more elastic skin.
  3. Wrinkle reducing booster
    Significantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles with this booster, which includes specially selected peptides and plant extracts.
  4. Line minimizing booster
    Designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, this line minimizing booster is formulated with a rich combination of niacinamide (vitamin B3) and CoQ10.
  5. Brightening booster
    Brilliantly formulated, vitamin C and licorice extract combine in this brightening booster.
  6. Elasticity booster
    With the power to improve any skincare regimen, this elasticity booster includes select seaweed extracts and the vitamin A derivative retinyl palmitate for more refined skin.

YOU·OLOGY Day Moisturizer

Your tailor-made daily skin moisturizer

Customized to your skin, this day moisturizer hydrates and nourishes—helping to conquer the daily stresses put on it every day. Add any three boosters to this moisturizing base, seamlessly blending using the innovative MicroSperse® Technology, to create a light, personalized day moisturizer that addresses your individual skin concerns.

Formulated with

  • Niacinamide
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive oil 
  • Trehalose 

Boosters you can choose (3)

  1. Tinting booster
    Transforms your moisturizer into a tinted moisturizer that evens out and refines your complexion.
  2. Pore diminishing booster
    Formulated with nettle oil extract and green tea oil, this booster significantly reduces the appearance of pores.
  3. Hydrating booster
    Quench thirsty skin with this booster that hydrates instantly and over time using safflower seed oil and other selected ingredients to soften skin.
  4. Oil control booster
    Packed with vitamin B3, B6, and plant extracts, this booster reduces the amount of surface oil on your skin and shine with kaolin clay.
  5. Environmental shield booster
    Guards skin from environmental aggressors that can cause dullness and signs of aging, replenishing skin over time for a more youthful appearance.

YOU·OLOGY Night Moisturizer

The nightly skin-nourishing cream

This night cream base includes nourishing ingredients that hydrate your skin and complete your custom skin care regimen. Help target your individual skin concerns by adding any three boosters of your choice, which blend seamlessly through MicroSperse® Technology, transforming this night cream into a skin care solution that goes to work while you go to sleep.

Formulated with

  • Niacinamide
  • Echium seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Shea butter
  • Trehalose

Boosters you can choose (3)

  1. Hydrating booster
    Dramatically increase hydration instantly and over time with this comprehensive formula that includes guava extract, olive oil, and safflower oil for smoother, softer skin.
  2. Replenishment booster
    Packed with CoQ10, vitamin B6, and essential oils, this replenishment booster is universally beneficial and designed to replenish your skin for a more youthful appearance.
  3. Elasticity booster
    Significantly increasing skin firmness and elasticity, a protein and polymer blend formula powers this elasticity booster.
  4. Time correcting booster
    Specially selected ingredients, including gotu kola extract, combine in this essential booster.
  5. Puffiness reducing booster
    Ingredients are known to help skin’s overall appearance and texture like caffeine, rosemary extract, and vitamin B3 combine together in this key booster.
  6. Calming booster
    This calming formula is packed with ingredients known for their soothing properties, like heather plant oil extracts.

YOU·OLOGY Rose Water Toning Spritz

Experience refreshed, petal-soft skin

Available in two sizes, this crisp, invigorating toning spritz refreshes and soothes skin with nutrient-rich rose water. Specially formulated using rose extract and beneficial vitamins, this misting spray can be used throughout the day to awaken and refresh your skin. Easy to apply with a spray pump applicator, you’ll be able to experience skin that always comes out smelling like roses—refreshed and ready.

Formulated with

  • Rose extract
  • Bitter orange flower extract
  • Sodium hyaluronate

Common Questions/FAQ About SKINCARE ROUTINE


      The one that is perfectly designed for you. We all are different, and hormones do a lot to our body and our face. If you are new to this, choose at least 3 things: Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen, with the respective booster or design yours by filling in the quiz!











  • How it works?

    YOU·OLOGY customizable products come with a base product and three boosters of your choice, making it easy to achieve the best tailored experience for your skin concerns.


  • What are the boosters?

    The boosters are concentrated ingredients that blend into and work with your product base to help you achieve healthier- looking skin.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about SKINCARE ROUTINE

Generally, aim to use a product over at least six weeks, once or twice daily, to notice a difference. Tip: With any skincare product, apply in order of consistency — from thinnest to thickest. For example, cleanser, toner (if you use it), serum, and then moisturizer.


I hope this post helps you build the perfect skincare routine for your skin type. 

What’s your skincare routine? What’s your main concern about skincare?

Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading all the way to here! I appreciate it <3

See you next time!



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