7 Cute Gifts ideas that Teenage Girls actually want

7 Cute Gifts ideas that Teenage Girls actually want

Looking for a gift that a Teenage Girl actually want is not an easy task.

My teenager son was looking for the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Lucky him, she already had a list of the things she actually wanted.

When checking the list I notice a lot of different little things. I was looking for a pattern like all makeup or accessories, I don’t know, clothes maybe? I asked her what was all of that? and she said something interesting: 

Teens are always looking for two things when it comes to gifts:  They have to be cute, comfy or both.

Clever right?

So I thought this advice might help you with this difficult task! 


  1. The first thing on her list was fluffy socks, she said, it’s never enough. We found these ones with cute designs



2. Next on the list was fluffy blankets! I’m obsessed too, it’s the perfect match and they come in different colors!

3. As a teenager girl, she said it’s important to take care of her lips.  These ones are perfect if you are allergic to petroleum or parabens. 

  • 100% Beeswax
  • A rare variety of flavors like Pomegranate and Green Tea.
  • Reasonable price

4. Cute VSCO Stickers for hydro flasks. Yes, it’s a thing now and to be honest, they are adorable!

5. Pura Vida Silver Wave OG Bracelet – Silver Plated Charm, Adjustable Band – 100% Waterproof. Founded in Costa Rica – Pura Vida handcrafts the best brand bracelet, providing jobs to artisans making good bracelets and raising awareness for charities. 

Isn’t that nice?

6. Hair Scrunchies Velvet Elastics they’re so soft and I was surprised at the good quality of the elastic!

7. A Kanken Classic Backpack that’s iconic, practical, functional, roomy and durable! Perfect for every day!


8. As an extra idea, if you are looking for a personalized skincare routine for your teenage girl, make sure you take a look at this one.

 A bundle of two or three things from this list would do the work! Your teenage girl will be happy! 

Also, you can still get them on time for Christmas when applying for Prime! Using the free trial allows you to get all that you need, just in time for the holidays.

I can’t wait to hear what your teenage girl said when opening her gifts!

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