best gift ideas for a 2 year old

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You came to the right place! We have compiled a list of awesome gifts that any 2-year-old would love. All these items are available on Amazon so you can order them online and they will be delivered in time for Christmas! It’s easy, it’s fast, and it saves you money. What more could you ask for?

Toys for a two-year-old are a great way to keep them occupied, give them some distraction, and teach them about the world around us.

This list is an amazing idea for any parent who wants to know what toy will be best suited for their young child. These toys can help with motor skills as well as teach your toddler important life lessons like sharing and good sportsmanship!

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to shopping online these days but we believe that Amazon has everything you need under one roof – literally!

When searching on amazon there are so many different types of toys which means less time spent trying to find just the right thing for your little guy. We have done all the research work for you so why don’t take a 2-year-old from Amazon.

The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what to give to that beautiful toddler you know! These gift ideas for 2-year-old will save you the nightmare of not knowing what to give plus you can find it all on Amazon! This will save you time and money!

Toddler Wood Toys for a 2-year old

MAGIFIRE Wooden Toddler Puzzles

Puzzle toy for toddlers

  • Let kids know the appearance and structure of animal.
  • Teach the toddler to identify the various colors
  • Exercise baby patience and thinking conversion ability

Simple Steps

  • Eye to hand coordination and concentration.
  • Early brain development and solve puzzles capacities
  • Exercise baby patience and thinking conversion ability

Ideal Kids Size

  • This 3D puzzle is easy for tiny fingers to grasp and place.
  • The smooth-polished surface with round edge of these pieces fits comfortably in little hands.
  • They are safe for children, your baby can’t swallow them as the blocks are big enough!

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart Educational Toy 

  • VOCABULARY-BUILDING TOY: Kids can have fun stacking, sorting, and matching this wooden block cart that includes 30 solid wood blocks featuring pictures, letters, and numbers.
  • EASY TRANSPORT: The wheeled cart with pull-along cord offers an easy way to store away blocks and makes moving play from room to room a cinch!
  • PLAYROOM STAPLE: Durable construction will last for years, making this a timeless classic with tremendous quality and value.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR AGES 2 TO 5: Designed for children ages two and up, this set is perfect for helping kids practice their letters, numbers, and more.
  • SHAPE RECOGNITION – Encourages shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking.
  • SORTING SKILLS – Kids will love sorting the blocks into their matching pictures or letters on this wooden block cart.
  • IMAGINATION DEVELOPMENT – This toy is great for developing imagination, as kids can create stories with the blocks they have!

Wooden Building Blocks Set

  • STIMULATES CREATIVITY: Our set is designed for kids entertainment, but also introduces early math concepts, and helps kids develop strong motor skills and even resilience as they experiment with building, knocking blocks over, and building again
  • DURABLE AND SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Though our colorful building blocks are made of solid wood, these blocks are light in weight, which makes them safe for kids; the blocks have rounded edges and a smooth painted finish that won’t splinter with play
  • HURS OF EDUCATIONAL FUN: The Melissa & Doug wooden building blocks set includes 100 durable wooden blocks in 4 different colors and 9 shapes; it’s a classic educational toy that provides hours of hands on, screen free play and learning.

Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

  • PERFECT EDUCATIONAL TOOL FOR YOUR TODDLERS- Our wooden puzzle is specifically made to be the perfect fit for 18 months and up, include 1 puzzle board and 9 wooden pieces with different shapes and colors, easy to play, suitable for many occasions, meanwhile educational and joyful for toddlers easily spending one hour or two.
  • PREMIUM BUILD- Unlike other wooden colorful puzzle that break down over time, this wooden puzzle made of premium, sturdy, durable wood that will stand the test of time.
  • NO SAFETY HAZARDS- The board is 7.88 x 7.88 x 0.5 inches, nice sized for toddlers’ hands, non-toxic and safe durable coatings, and wooden pieces are not too small that posing a choking and splinter hazard. It won’t do any harm with its light weight and round edges to both your little ones and furniture or wooden floor.
  • DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS OF YOUR TODDLERS- Our wooden puzzle for kids not only inspire children to play, but also stimulates the basics of visual shapes at an early age. Children can use the puzzles to learn colors, different shapes, develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, great choice for preschool classroom!

plastic block toys for 2 year olds

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train – Introduce Toddlers to Numbers and Counting!


Boys and Girls will LOVE this number train that introduces toddlers to numbers and counting! This is a fun way for your child to learn their numbers and have a blast too! The adorable design allows kids to learn numbers easily. This number train will make learning fun for your child, while also keeping them entertained.

This is a great gift for Christmas or birthdays and it’s only available on Amazon! It will be delivered in time for Christmas and you’ll get a great price, along with fantastic customer service.

Best for: Creative Thinking

LEGO DUPLO Town Garbage Truck and Recycling


COLORS, COLORS, COLORS! – Help the recycling man sort and load up the truck with the 3 different colored bins.

  • IMAGINATIVE STORIES – The DUPLO Town Garbage Truck and Recycling is a colorful and versatile playset bursting with features and fun activities to inspire learning and play.
  • FINES MOTOR SKILLS – As children role-play imaginative stories about organizing the recycling and loading up the truck, they improve their fine motor skills.
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Children learn about colors, improve fine motor skills and develop an eco-friendly attitude as they help clean up after themselves in LEGO® DUPLO® Town!

LEGO DUPLO My First Animal Train

  • BUILD AND REBUILD – Toddlers can build the train over and over again. They can also rebuild the animal carriages to create new combinations.
  • LINE UP THE CARRIAGES – The animals are placed on top of each other, so toddlers learn how to line up objects in a row.
  • PLACE ANIMALS ON AND OFF THE TRAIN – Kids will love placing the animals onto and off the train as they play with this LEGO DUPLO My First Animal Train set!

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

  • Classic Big Waffle Blocks securely fit together to help little builders construct big ideas!
  • Lightweight blocks fo unlimited configuration
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • These snap-together giant waffle blocks are perfect for building a fort, castle, and anything else imaginations can create.
  • PERFECT FOR LITTLE HANDS, each piece is sized just right to build towers, houses and more Includes: 32 big waffle blocks in 6 assorted colors (red, green, yellow, blue, orange.

Bristle Blocks In A Storage Bin – STEM Toys 3D Sensory Toy Blocks for Kids – Bpa Free

  • Bristle Blocks are the best building blocks we’ve ever made! They’re soft and pliable, but still hold their shape. The smooth edges of Bristle Blocks won’t hurt little fingers, so they can play with them as long as they want. And because of their unique material, Bristle Blocks stick together better than any other building block – even when wet!
  • Build tall towers, create a pretend city or just have fun creating whatever your imagination comes up with!
  • Each set includes a wide variety of colors and shapes to build anything you can imagine!
  • Never need batteries or electricity, just the child’s creativity!
  • Bristle Blocks provide an excellent introduction to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills as well as fine motor development.

Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker for Toddler

  • SHAPE RECOGNITION – Kids can learn shapes and colors while playing with this stacking cups.
  • SORTING SKILLS – Encourages children to sort, stack, and build with the different shaped blocks.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Children will develop problem solving skills as they figure out how to get the blocks in the holes of each cup.

Toddler Push & Pull Toys

VTech Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer

  • Push the handle to roll the red bulldozer across the floor and watch it pop balls out of the chimney into the bucket
  • Press the buttons to learn colors, numbers, phrases and music
  • Roll the bulldozer and trigger motion sensors to listen to fun tunes and songs on the move stimulating attention and coordination
  • Grab the chunky handle to encourage motor skill development
  • This interactive bulldozer requires 2 AAA batteries

Rattle & Roll Car

  • TACTILE TRAINING – Tactile perception is an important part of the development of a baby. Our car is made of soft rubber and hard plastic, which can help babies to enhance their tactile perception.
  • AUDITORY TRAINING – The rattle sound attracts your kid’s attention and helps to improve hearing ability. Four wheels with different shapes stimulate your baby’s auditory sense.
  • VISUAL TRAINING – Bright colors attract the eyes of kids, allowing them to enhance color recognition ability, an excellent visual training toy for babies and toddlers a like!

Fisher-Price Pull-Along Basics Gift Set

  • From dialing the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone toy to saying ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’, early role play is a great way to nurture your kid’s imagination and creativity.
  • The fun sounds reward their actions and encourage kids to play and learn. And the smiling character face provides an early first friend for little ones.
  • Baby can start off by just tapping the keys with the attached mallet or pulling the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone along (it’s on wheels!). As your kid grows, your mini Mozart can follow the colors to play a real song.
  • Pretending to take Lil’ Snoopy for a walk-grasping the leash and pushing him along, or feeding him his the leash and pulling him along-will help develop fine and gross motor skills. Fun rewards like sounds and ear wiggles encourage little ones to do it all over again!

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

This is a very popular toy! Read why!

My 18-month son loves this toy! We got it for him as a Christmas present and almost 5 months later he still plays with it every time he sees it. We have a 2 floor house and wanted something we could keep downstairs that wouldn’t take so much space and have a million pieces. This accomplishes just that! I love that it has two grooves on each of the legs of the base to keep the balls neatly put away when not in use. You can also turn on/off the sound and play.

In the box you get the sports center, soccer ball, and basket ball. You do need to use a screwdriver to afix the score board, so be aware this is not a toy you can just take apart and put together on demand. But like I said it is very compact. All other pieces, like most VTech toys just snap in place. The sports balls are a great size for little hands but after a while need a little air because they get soft. Since these are silicone type, if they are too deflated and your toddler steps on them, they can easily lose their balance. It also requires AA batteries, seriously not included.

The whole sports center is very sturdy and can be used in different surfaces. We wanted a basketball net that would not too over on the little guy. It has withstood my rambunctious toddler slam dunking the balls, throwing other toys into the net, and dragging the whole center across the room. Not to mention basketball/soccer face off battles between my husband and I. Does not tip over!

When you shoot the ball into the basket, it counts up to ten. It just cheers when you kick to score, no counting. There are also upbeat songs that cheer the little ones on. The gears are fully functional and allow for sitting play. The flip tabs also make noise when you turn them. My son’s favorite is the monkey on the side. He will tug on that thing even if he doesn’t play with the  rest of the sports center.

I will definitely recommend this toy. My son loves to play soccer so for us, it is definitely a win!

Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red) with 5 Balls

Looking for a fun indoor or outdoor game that will teach your child how to play baseball, softball, and Wiffle ball? These amazing t-ball sets are great starters! They can give excitement as they learn sports. The adjustable height T adapts based on what the kid is developing – hitting skills, batting control, etc…Adding these toys into their toddler day helps them grow up quickly becoming pros at making friends while having tons of laughs along the way too!!

Toddler Golf Ball Game Play Set

Slidable & flexible wheels – Easier to drag and more effortless.

Retractable lever,

Luggage-style body with large storage space for items or pocket-sized clubs if you want it that way!

And bright colors are always popular in the little ones eyes so Melannd offers about 8 different color choices


I hope you found this list of the best gifts for 2-year-olds useful in your quest to find gifts for the toddlers in your life. If you are still unsure about which toy is perfect, click on each picture to see more options!

Happy Shopping! 🎁

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7 Cute Gifts ideas that Teenage Girls actually want

7 Cute Gifts ideas that Teenage Girls actually want

Looking for a gift that a Teenage Girl actually want is not an easy task.

My teenager son was looking for the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Lucky him, she already had a list of the things she actually wanted.

When checking the list I notice a lot of different little things. I was looking for a pattern like all makeup or accessories, I don’t know, clothes maybe? I asked her what was all of that? and she said something interesting: 

Teens are always looking for two things when it comes to gifts:  They have to be cute, comfy or both.

Clever right?

So I thought this advice might help you with this difficult task! 


  1. The first thing on her list was fluffy socks, she said, it’s never enough. We found these ones with cute designs



2. Next on the list was fluffy blankets! I’m obsessed too, it’s the perfect match and they come in different colors!

3. As a teenager girl, she said it’s important to take care of her lips.  These ones are perfect if you are allergic to petroleum or parabens. 

  • 100% Beeswax
  • A rare variety of flavors like Pomegranate and Green Tea.
  • Reasonable price

4. Cute VSCO Stickers for hydro flasks. Yes, it’s a thing now and to be honest, they are adorable!

5. Pura Vida Silver Wave OG Bracelet – Silver Plated Charm, Adjustable Band – 100% Waterproof. Founded in Costa Rica – Pura Vida handcrafts the best brand bracelet, providing jobs to artisans making good bracelets and raising awareness for charities. 

Isn’t that nice?

6. Hair Scrunchies Velvet Elastics they’re so soft and I was surprised at the good quality of the elastic!

7. A Kanken Classic Backpack that’s iconic, practical, functional, roomy and durable! Perfect for every day!


8. As an extra idea, if you are looking for a personalized skincare routine for your teenage girl, make sure you take a look at this one.

 A bundle of two or three things from this list would do the work! Your teenage girl will be happy! 

Also, you can still get them on time for Christmas when applying for Prime! Using the free trial allows you to get all that you need, just in time for the holidays.

I can’t wait to hear what your teenage girl said when opening her gifts!